When you first begin your “feel good” journey, you may struggle with wanting to eat things that appeal to you as far as taste even though you now know some of these are not so good for you.

One thing that helped me was researching what nutrients I actually needed and looking for foods that contained these nutrients. This approach took my mind away from eating for taste and put what my body needed first as far as food intake.

Using an app such as My Fitness Pal is a great way to do this. You enter in the foods that you plan to eat and it tells you how much of each nutrient you will consume. If you are short of any nutrient, you can Google what foods contain this nutrient and adjust your meals to compensate for this.

Eventually, your taste buds will adjust to your new and healthier way of eating and you won’t even miss eating sugary things or the flavors enhanced by MSG. In fact, you will be turned off by these things because your taste buds have had a chance to “reset” and “recalibrate”. Not to mention, you and your body now know the difference in how you feel compared to before.

2 thoughts on “EAT FOR NUTRIENTS

  1. Kathy

    I am going to look up My Fitness Pal. Do you every take vitamins or other supplements or do you try to get all your nutrients meals.

    1. b2rad Post author

      I do take vitamins Kathy?. But I do try to get all of my nutrients through eating as well. If My Fitness Pal shows something that you haven’t been getting enough of…you can Google “what foods have…(enter the vitamin or mineral here).

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