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Small choices…BIG IMPACT

The way we feel is a product of many small choices that we make…most of them habitual. Whether it’s something that we choose to eat or not to eat, some activity that we do or don’t do…it all adds up.

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Start your journey to feeling better by applying something that you learned today!


From the time I was a teenager I suffered from headaches, chronic back pain, joint pain, emotional issues, nicotine addiction, hemorrhoids, a ganglion cyst, caffeine addiction, foot pain, and sugar addiction. I went searching only to take care of the back pain because it was painful enough to do something about and ended up having the other issues taken care of while in the process. I could just simply put out a list of things to eat, what not to eat, things to do, and things not to do but I feel that the story of how I learned these things will make these things far more relevant to the reader.