-The Culprit and the Cure by Steven G. Aldana

There is a chapter in this book that explains “fats” in a way that I finally felt like I understood the four types (Trans fat – horrible, never eat this…ever. Saturated fat – edible but be cautious, Polyunsaturated and Monounsaturated – the good kinds that can even reverse effects from the bad kinds according to this book).

This book is pretty hard on the beef industry because of the many studies that show how red meat affects the body. My personal thoughts…I wonder how these studies might be different if the people studied ate more deep, dark, and mixed leafy greens since the studies don’t seem to look at this option.

This book has a lot of great eye opening information that will motivate you to do better for yourself; however, I don’t feel this book tells the importance of eating leafy greens.

-Foundations by Dr. Eric Goodman and Peter Park

Recommended to me by my chiropractor, this was the first book that I purchased for my health improvement journey. Teaches the basics of proper movement, healthy eating habits, and is motivational and inspirational. There are also workout DVD’s that are a great investment for building your core (not just abs but all of the muscles that support your body with proper posture and movement).