What you DON’T eat is as important as what you DO eat (or drink).

Sugar – inflammatory (I notice in a day or two if not right away if I eat too much) – read labels for “added sugar” (natural sugars that are in foods are ok)

MSG – read labels for ingredients, more grocery products have this than what most people would believe. Many restaurants use this (they don’t seem to have to disclose this unlike the packaged food industry)

Trans Fat – The worst kind of fat- don’t eat anything with this, commonly found in deep fried foods because the types of cooking oils that allow for frying over and over have this in it. Restaurants will sometimes disclose whether a certain menu item contains this on their website or it may be found on a third party website. If the food has this or it’s on a food label…don’t eat it because it is a huge killer and the effects on your arteries are not easily or quickly reversible.

High Fructose Corn Syrup – like sugar only worse because of how the body absorbs it.